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710 Labs Glazed Donut #5 Persy Rosin Review

Cliff Haney
Last updated at
4:47 pm
March 24, 2024
710 Labs Glazed Donut #5 Persy Rosin Review
710 Labs
GLAZED DONUT #5 Persy Rosin - 90u Tier 4
GLAZED DONUT #5 (Purple Punch x Cake Fuel)
Sourced From
Horizon Cannabis
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710LABS' Glazed Donut #5 delivers the perfect relaxing effects, but lacks boldness in terms of flavor and aroma. If you like taking hot dabs and aren’t concerned so much about the flavor then this might be the strain for you. The clarity and lack of contaminant in this product showed that care was taken in creating this batch.


This product was stored in the refrigerator where it remained a hard shatter-like consistency. After letting it sit at room temperature for an hour it transformed into a sticky and snappy taffy-like texture. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I lost a bit of product to the inevitable pop that comes with almost every dab of fresh press. If you’re looking to get every last drop out of the jar I would recommend keeping it refrigerated.

Their packaging is always some of the best in the Colorado market. That snap the magnets in the lid create when closing is always so satisfying. The air tight cover inside of the lid is a nice touch for maximum preservation.

Glazed Donut #5 Persy Rosin Strain Information


The scent is very subtle and hard to detect. It was a delicate fragrance, with a mild sweetness that was hard to place. It smells like one individual grape candy. The sweetness is there, but it's balanced out by a slightly creamy undertone that adds depth and complexity to the overall aroma. I would be interested to see this strain in a cold cure or jam texture. Oftentimes they can bring out some of the subtle aromas that are harder to detect in fresh press.

Mode of Consumption

This product was consumed using an Ill Glass Rig and quartz nail. I used a Blazer torch to lightly feather the nail with the tip of the flame until the rosin started to bubble. I typically cold start for the ultimate flavor when trying a product for the first time. I always use fresh water in my rig before trying a new strain. I then like to follow-up the cold start with a dab at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for more powerful effects.

Flavors & Mouthfeel

This rosin tastes nothing like it smells. I was expecting a sweet grape candy, but received a subtle creamy vanilla flavor. As the flavor develops on your palate, you start to pick up on subtle hints of oak that add a touch of complexity to the overall taste. The smoke coated my mouth in a velvety texture that lingered long after the exhale,

I’m guessing the terp percentage was low on this particular strain. This is still a quality concentrate compared to other products on the rec market, but it was nothing to write home about. The exhale of this product packs a powerful punch to the nasal cavity, leaving a sharp sensation in the back of the throat. 


As the effects of the strain began to take hold, a wave of relaxation washed over me. My body felt like it was melting into the couch, and my mind was free to wander and explore. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, letting the spacy effect of the strain take me on a journey. At first, I found it hard to focus on anything in particular, but as I relaxed into the experience, I began to feel a sense of freedom and liberation. It was as if all the stresses and worries of the world had been lifted from my shoulders, leaving me with a clear and unencumbered mind.

As I sat there, in a state of blissful relaxation, my mind began to wander. I let my imagination run wild, exploring new ideas and concepts that had previously been hidden from view. It was as if a window had been opened into a new world, and I was free to explore it at my leisure. The spacy effect of the strain was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it could be difficult to focus on anything in particular, but on the other hand, it was a great way to tap into my creative side and break through writer's block. As I sat there, lost in my thoughts, I could feel my mind coming alive with new ideas and inspiration. It was as if the spacy effect of the strain had unlocked a part of my brain that had previously been dormant, allowing me to tap into my full creative potential.

I made a mental note to consume this strain on a day when I was feeling particularly stuck or uninspired. It was the perfect way to break through creative blocks and explore new ideas, all while enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in a state of blissful relaxation.

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