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14er Blackberry Banana Kush 4G Bucket Live Rosin Cold Cure Review

Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
1:49 pm
March 25, 2024
14er Blackberry Banana Kush 4G Bucket Live Rosin Cold Cure Review
Blackberry Banana Kush Live Rosin Cold Cure
Blackberry Banana Kush (Blackberry x Banana Kush)
Sourced From
14er Boulder
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4 grams of optimal texture cold cure
Rich coffee-hash aroma
Genuine kush-incense flavor


Diving into 14er's new four gram bucket line is genuinely enjoyable, specifically their Blackberry Banana Kush strain. With its distinctive moist, cream cheese-like cold cure texture, you can't help but appreciate having multiple grams of it at your disposal. It's a unique experience that combines quantity with quality, which enhances the value of every dab. For those recreational rosin enthusiasts who love to have a lot of their favorite hash in a single jar, 14er's solventless big buckets are a dream come true.


The packaging of 14er's "solventless series” immediately strikes me with its monochrome style. Using a simple yet impactful black and white color scheme, it's accentuated with metallic silver touches that give it an edgy appeal. The interior of the box features a raised platform to house the jar, and is adorned with a silver foil-stamped emblem reading '14ER MFG.' The four grams of hash rosin are packaged within a standard white 9ml jar, topped with a black strain-specific sticker.

The texture of this hash rosin is nothing short of exquisite. The immediate comparison that comes to mind is dulce de leche - it shares the same warm caramel color and a creaminess that's incredibly inviting. The moist batter consistency feels like you're scooping a salve out of a jar, a sensation that's both useful for portioning and satisfying in equal measure. After being left at room temperature for an hour, it retains its integrity while becoming even more luscious. The texture remains consistent, not too runny nor too stiff, which is lovely to handle and consume. This particular bucket has fast become a favorite among my current stash, which is a testament to its quality and the enjoyable experience it provides.

14er cold cure live rosin bucket black packaging shot


The aroma is a nice blend of scents that complement and contrast each other harmoniously. The initial wave that comes from the full bucket is a muted banana puree sweetness along with some spicy clove notes. Those surface notes set a welcoming foundation for the richer, more mature cannabis aromas that emerge after a deep scent evaluation. With that there are pronounced hashy-coffee-garlic elements that bring out an undeniable earthy kush characteristic.

Mode of Consumption

I made my way through this four gram bucket almost exclusively with my Leisure glass incycler and quartz bucket combo—which was freshly cleaned for this assessment. In my opinion, the glass rig is the best way to maximize the strain’s expression of the most delicate flavors that tend to burn off quickly when using the Puffco Peak Pro. I did however find myself out and about with this bucket and the Puffco so it was definitely nice to have if you have nothing else. My preferred temperature tends to be in the 520°F - 530°F range for hash rosin, which is what I stuck to when using both the rig and the Puffco.

14er cold cure live rosin bucket black closeup packaging shot

Flavors & Mouthfeel

Even filtered through fresh cold water in my incycler, the flavor on 14er’s Blackberry Banana Kush is heavy on the earthy organic pungencies. With a hint of spicy chocolate and a thick kush-forward foundation this hash rosin has a truly old school flavor profile. For me, its vapor stimulates salivation and a slight oral numbness just after exhaling that feels quite medicinal, which is something I personally don't experience too often with strains.


If there’s one word to describe the effects of this strain it would be heavy. There's almost an immediate sense of laziness after smoking it. If you have plans to get something done after a dab, good luck! It’s a hefty kush indeed. My plan was to write this review after indulging in a Tic-Tac sized glob, but it quickly became apparent that it might not go as planned. I was in fact completely unmotivated to do anything but scroll lazily through my phone or leisurely select a TV show to watch. After I learned this about the Blackberry and Banana Kush cross, I reserved the use of it for night time only. As in the end of the evening, like the very last thing I do before getting in bed so I can embrace its properties. Overall I thoroughly enjoy strains like this one that I can designate for certain instances like relaxation or bed time. There’s no question about it for me that this one is a choice evening strain and that’s how I’d recommend it be used to anyone that asks.

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