Infinite Melts White Truffle Rosin Roll Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:38 pm
March 24, 2024
Infinite Melts White Truffle Rosin Rollz Infused Joint
Infinite Melts
White Truffle
Sourced From
Mighty Tree
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Terrific craftsmanship
Luxuriously smooth smoking
Potent yet chill effects


Infinite Melt’s White Truffle Rosin Rollz infused pre-roll packs some potency in a chill, ultra easy-to-smoke combo that is worth inviting friends over for. The craftsmanship of the joint itself rivals much more expensive competitors with its glass tip, perfect rolling work, and a stainless steel filtration screen. The same-strain flower, hash combo delivers a creamy, earthy, gassy terpene experience that will make most consumers happy indeed.

Infinite Melts Rosin Infused Joint Filter Screen

Appearance, Quality of Roll, & Packaging

Infinite Melts’ White Truffle rosin pre-roll comes in an unassuming white joint pop top tube with a nicely branded blue sticker. When you actually get it out though, the build quality is immediately apparent. Infinite Melts really invested in this infused joint – it features a glass tip with a built in metal filter screen (more on that later) that has a rubber stopper too. Neat. It’s rolled to perfection in a white rice paper cone, so aesthetically upfront it punches above its weight class and average price point of around $30 as of this writing. Right out of the packaging you can tell you’re in for a high quality experience.


Most pre-rolls, even infused ones, don’t pack an enormous amount of aroma but White Truffle tends to be a pretty fragrant strain in most cases and this was no exception. It does smell like actual truffles in a soft way, which is in the orbit of something peppery, earthy, and a tiny bit citrusy too perhaps. Even though many people will just relate how mushrooms smell to straight earthiness, there is a lot more going on with them. White Truffle has become a fairly famous cross between Gorilla Glue and Peanut Butter Breath that was bred by Beleaf Cannabis. It’s since been crossbred at length to produce many other winners, so the genetics are clearly robust. 

White Truffle Rosin Infused Preroll from Infinite Melts

Flavor, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

I went over to a friend’s house, who is a veteran and industry business owner, to tackle this review. This turned out to be a good idea because as you’ll read any time good flower and hash rosin are mixed together, it’s going to be potent. The joint lit up easily and continued to burn evenly for the duration, but it’s obvious the flower wasn’t overly dry thankfully. The first thing you notice when taking the first big drag is how smooth the “rosin rollz” can be from Infinite Melts. It’s just straight velvet smoke that coats your mouth immediately, which was noticeable even before registering how it tastes. It had a noticeable but not overwhelming mouth drying effect which we both were able to tame quickly. 

On the flavor front, it’s slightly earthy but gassy and even skunky too, which was a nice change of pace from a lot of the fruit strains I’ve been enjoying lately (usually what I lean towards but nothing beats great gas or OG profiles in my opinion). The flavor is relatively mild and not in your face, but in sum it’s quite pleasant. The body of the joint caked up a little bit over the first half of consumption as the rosin must have been homogenized fairly evenly in the flower as opposed to your classic snake in the grass-style hash pre-roll. The interesting thing about the screen is that it slightly inhibits airflow compared to other crutches and tips, but with the benefit being that smoothness and zero chance of scooby snacks. Given the white ash and effortless smoking experience, it’s clear the whole package was cultivated and processed quite well.


Even though most phenotypes of the White Truffle apparently lean heavier on the indica side, the material we got our hands on seemed a lot more middle of the road in terms of its effects. It starts off mentally sharp in small doses but after you get deeper into it things stone out quickly and become very relaxed. Sitting on the couch shooting the shit is probably where you’ll wind up if you’re with other people, or watching something if you aren’t. 

Neither of us felt sedated but it is a fairly strong product that will blow your lightweight friends out of the water if they treat it like a normal joint. It’s also likely to be pretty chatty and sociable even though you probably won’t want to go anywhere. The total weight is displayed at 1.25 grams, which is one gram indoor flower and a quarter gram of live rosin. This is actually a good ratio for more regular consumption if you want a much better than average pre-roll, but one that isn’t so strong you need all your neighbors to come over to get through it without shipping off to giggle town for the rest of the day. All in, Infinite Melts put out a really chill and satisfying product here that is worth picking up if earthier flavor profiles with relaxing effects in infused pre-roll form are your thing.

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