710 Labs Gorilla Dosha #3 + Starburst 36 #1 Live Rosin Infused Joint Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:38 pm
March 24, 2024
710 Labs Gorilla Dosha #3 Starburst 36 #1 Infused Joint Closeup
710 Labs
Gorilla Dosha #3 + Starburst 36 #1
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Memorably unique blend of piney gas and fruit
Exquisite flavor profile
Perfect sociable effects for sharing
Big time smooth


The 710 Labs Gorilla Dosha #3 + Starburst 36 #1 solventless hash infused pre-roll is now chiseled into the Mount Jointmore of rolled products we’ve tried. Expertly blended, crafted, and presented, this one carries a hefty price tag but is worth every penny if you’re after something truly special. It brings together two elite gassy and fruity candy flavor profiles perfectly, with a largely sociable, fun range of effects in the high. We find that Headstash-quality joints are really hard to come by, but 710 Labs knocked this one into the parking lot across the street.

710 Labs Persy Doink Infused Pre-Roll with Hash Rosin

Appearance, Quality of Roll, & Packaging

It’s obvious before you even take this heavyweight 2 gram infused pre-roll (affectionately referred to as a doink by 710 Labs, which is accurate) out of the packaging that you’re in for a special treat. The container itself is unlike what other pre-rolls tend to come in and is more Cannagar-level than joint, being that it is sold in a full white glass container jar with its own airtight lid just like their hash products are. Bravo. 

The Gorilla Dosha Starburst-hash infused joint itself is blunt-sized, rolled to perfection, and unbelievably loud. The 710 Labs team even puts a gluten-free piece of fusilli pasta in the end as a swirly crutch, which is cool to say the least. When you spend the kind of money this sort of thing costs, you expect perfection in this department. We’d go ahead and say that it is delivered here, paid in full.


Usually the aroma of a joint is more of a smell. That is not the case here, as the second you actually open the highly functional jar (which will be perfect for future joint storage, bonus) you’re smacked with a deeply fruity, sweet and sour citrusy fragrance that has just the hint of gas. While it’s not really fair to compare a celebration-worthy infused pre-roll loaded with top flight solventless to a regular joint, but regardless, this one comes trucking up your nose in the best kind of way. 

This particular pre-roll literally smells like candy in the jar and there is no chance for discretion once you take it out. That’s because the live hash rosin inside, which is its Starburst 36 #1, seems to overpower the Gorilla Dosha #3 on the scent front. Side note: Starburst 36 #1 from 710 is incredible to dab on its own if you ever get the chance to pick up a gram.

710 Labs Live Hash Rosin Joint Being Smoked

Flavor, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Unless you’re a major league stoner, you’re probably going to need backup to take one of these 710 Labs solventless infused pre-rolls down. Sadly I am not equipped for that kind of solo challenge so friends were called and a dinner party was assembled. When you first light it up, it’s like you just started smoking a pine tree’s gas tank, if they had one. The complex doughy, piney, gassy Gorilla Dosha #3 flower flavor profile is something to behold, and around 1/4th or 1/3rd of the way through the pre-roll you encounter the Starburst 36 #1 hash rosin. This didn’t appear to be a slender snake in the grass; no, it seemed to be at least a half gram straight primo rosin slug that turns into a magma-colored donut of candy fruit on your tongue. 

The smoke was supremely smooth and the flavor combination as we worked our way through it is truly exceptional. Blending these kinds of profiles takes a lot of skill, and it’s obvious that the tastemakers at 710 Labs in Denver knocked it out of the park. There’s something in there for everyone. If you love gas, it’s got it in spades, but it’s more than that too in its intricacy. If you love fruit, it has that as well, since the distinctly sweet, ever so slightly sour like candy citrus complements the piney fuel by melding them into a sum that’s greater than the parts. Towards the very end you move past the rosin and are back at the beginning taste-wise, but hashier. It burned as you’d expect into a delicate white ash and it is hard not to think it was one of the  best experiences I’ve probably had with cannabis rolled in paper.


It took a little while to get through it. Throughout passing it around, which was after we’d eaten, great stories kept getting told, laughs were had, and the high kept climbing with every rip. It’s the kind of pre-roll that you’ll probably have a little more of than you normally would because it tastes so good, but then find yourself pleasantly surprised that you’re still functional. This particular flower-hash blend made for largely social, uplifting effects that seem much better suited for having fun or going out than sitting around and watching a great movie. 

For most people, there’s no question that hash and dried flower when consumed of the exact same plant have different effects. For me, smoking flower yields more of a body high in addition to a cognitive shift, whereas clean solventless hash is just that - clean and without some of the tertiary physical feelings. They came together beautifully here and slowly wore off into a placid, most chill of chills comedown. Effects-wise the 710 Labs infused pre-roll we received scores top marks too for offering many of the best aspects of the plant’s possible range when it comes to how a high can be felt. Despite having such a long name, this is one I won’t soon forget and will have to keep an eye out for whenever a few get dropped again because if you see that Gorilla Dosha + Starburst doink on the menu, you ought to pony up because it’s absolutely worth the price tag. 

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