Veritas White 99 Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:35 pm
March 24, 2024
Veritas White 99 Cannabis Flower Review
White 99
Cinderella 99 x The White
Sourced From
Pig N Whistle
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Fun, classic stoned effects
Robust hashy and earthy flavor
Clean cannabis that smokes well


Veritas’ White 99 brought us back a couple years with its punchy, robust earthy flavors and amusing effects. We suggest sharing and blazing some with friends as it brings up a stoned high that is surprisingly affable, even if your eyes are only half open the entire time. If your idea of great flower is a no-nonsense, potent hybrid that’s best enjoyed on your day off or after work, we think you’d do well to pick up a couple grams for when the team is coming over next or you’ve got something fun to do. 

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

There’s a lot to say about the way Veritas presents their flower, or at least the batch of strains we just got our hands on at TerpGuide for the first reviews of the brand. First, the White 99 came in a beautiful black glass jar which is not common in today’s market that has a helpful QR code. Upon visiting the site, it provides a terpene test result (which is rather dated but still perhaps generally useful) and an easy pathway to figure out if that strain is still on shelves, and if so, where. In addition, the jar was also sealed for freshness which means other shoppers haven’t been sniffing around in your buds. All of this combines to be a really nice touch right off the bat.

Once I actually opened the jar, I was met with not smalls but generously sized medium large, half golf ball-sized buds. There’s just something awesome about getting big ass nugs even though not every strain is going to produce consistently large colas across the plant. The White 99 we received is a soft lime green that’s loaded with trichomes and lightly orange pistils. Its bud structure is somewhat dense and roundish but in a pleasing, not overfed kind of way. This cannabis was clearly trimmed with care as there are little to no crows feet or leftover sugar leaf chunks. Lastly but as important as any other factor here is that this was not your “Colorado Crispy” weed, but came to us properly hydrated akin to what you might find somewhere on the west coast. It has just a tiny bit of spongy rebound but very little give when you squish it between your fingers which is a great sign in our book of things to come.

Veritas Fine Cannabis Flower Packaging Example


One thing is for sure, and that’s the White 99 packs some really nice yet subtle layers in its aroma. It doesn’t smack you in the face out of the jar, but it does provide a sort of sweet, every so slightly citrusy fruit-piney combo with a little bit of loam mixed in. The genetics behind it are two fairly old school strains, Cinderella 99 and The White, which have been making the rounds for backcrosses for many years now. They come together nicely in the scent department in a way that won’t stink up your closet but will suggest it’s a gentler version of both.

Mode of Consumption

The temptation to break out a small water bong I keep in the “canna stuff” box was given into for this review. I cleaned it up properly with warm 90% ISO, rinsed it thoroughly, and filled the bottom of the glass with just enough ice cold water to sit above the downstem. I tend to stick with my trusty glass spoon I’ve had for over a decade in many cases, but after digging into whether to take dabs with or without water recently, I want to be a little more balanced in my approach. For most reviews I’ll end up trying the product across multiple ways of consumption, and when I did so for the White 99, it stayed pretty consistent. The smoothness of the water filtration ended up being a nice touch here but not necessary in my opinion for the whole eighth.

Veritas White 99 Dried Flower Strain Review

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Despite having a rather gentle aroma that dances around some citrus elements, this flower punches on the taste buds and is heavy on the earthiness in the way robust, full bodied coffee tends to be. It reminded me much more of The White, which is earthy, hashy, and a tad piney compared to its other parent Cinderella 99, which tends to offer a more sweet, fruitiness on balance. It mellows out some when filtered through water, but if you like to put your foot on the flavor pedal, I suggest straight lining a decent sized hit through a pipe or a joint to get the full story.


As with most strains, especially when it comes to their dried flower manifestations, you can get a pretty big range of effects depending on how many and how big of hits you take. I found that on the lighter end with small baby hits Veritas’ White 99 is quite cerebrally engaged and focused, but when you go for a proper rip, it changes character quickly. Moderate and above consumption left me with an eyes at 60% open, giggly kind of feeling that wants to be shared with a friend or partner simultaneously. 

It’s not just the nostalgia of the strains either, but a hazy, fun kind of sativa stone that doesn’t have you looking for something to clean but someone to talk to or a board game to play. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it if you have something official that needs taking care of, but it’s a great day-off or evening kind of cannabis that will get you doing something fun and mentally relaxing. When it does eventually trail off, the chill factor deepens noticeably. If getting high to hang out is something you’re keen on, it’d be hard to pass up picking up a jar the next time you see some. 

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