Veritas Cherry Punch Flower Strain Review

Mallory Tjaden
Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
4:34 pm
March 24, 2024
Veritas Cherry Punch Cannabis Flower On A White Background With Cherries Surrounding it
Cherry Punch
Cherry AK47 X Purple Punch
Sourced From
Pig N Whistle
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Robust cherry wood essence
Delicious Sour Punch candy straw aroma
Gold-star cure, no crispiness


From the appealing light green, frosted buds to the Sour Punch candy straw aroma released while grinding, Veritas' Cherry Punch flower captivates the senses. This hybrid cross between Cherry AK47 and Purple Punch leaned hard to the indica side of the spectrum. For those looking to unwind from a long day with some fine cannabis, this strain will do the trick. 

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

To my delight, this flower was an appealing light green color with some visible frostiness. The medium-small nugs presented tan pistils that were laced into the fairly plump and rounded calyxes. To get a better look, I sprinkled the whole jar into my palm, which left a few sticky resin spots behind. I didn’t mind, in fact I took that as a green flag for well developed trichomes followed by a gold star cure, both were visible. The bud structure was consistent in that all of them were medium-dense and shaped like mini fat Christmas trees with just slightly different shape variations. All of the Veritas flower we’ve gotten our hands on so far has been cured to the nines, and this followed suit. It had absolutely no dry crispiness to it, but it broke apart with ease when it was time.

Veritas Cherry Punch Cannabis Flower Propped Against The Jar It Came in


To truly assess the aroma of any flower, it goes beyond just smelling the whole jar or even putting a nug up to your nose. Unless it’s clearly boof, I don’t think it’s fair to make any final smell judgments until you’ve broken it apart. I always recommend doing so with a grinder so that you’re maximizing the aroma and also making it easier to pack into your chosen smoking device by making your cannabis a uniform size. 

All of that being said, my first aroma check, which consisted of me putting the entire jar up to my nose, created some curiosity based on the citrusy-woody-sour punch hints I was picking up. It was a seriously enticing preview into what I sensed would be very fragrant once ground. Upon grinding, I was greeted by the sweet and zestful scent of the Sour Punch Straw candy, flavor: red, but not exactly cherry if you know what I mean. This was following the initial sweet-skunkyness that hit my nostrils.

Mode of Consumption

It was back to the trusty glass pipe to roast this Cherry Punch flower. I packed a nice tight two to three hitter bowl from the freshly ground pile and sparked it up. While I love a good bong rip, the pipe is super quick and convenient, plus I truly enjoy the unfiltered smoke.

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Sparking the bowl created a thick white smoke that felt like it coated my entire throat as I inhaled. My taste buds were hit with woody notes that had citrus and subtle sweet hints as well. The overall smoke experience reminded me of the way the air smells and tastes when using cherry wood for smoking meat. The robust, semi-sweet woody flavor lingered on my tongue for quite a while after, which honestly made me want to go back for more. 

As mentioned earlier this bud was a little sticky when I touched it with my fingers. Therefore the ash remaining in the bowl sort of stuck to the sides, forcing me to use a bobby pin to get the remainders out. Nevertheless the ash that was fully burned was a clean white-ish gray color.


No matter how much of the Cherry Punch you decide to burn, it seems to have consistent sedated and weighty indica-leaning effects. My eyelids were immediately heavy after just one hit, which made me want to move from a chair sitting upright to the bed where I could start to recline and perhaps close my eyes. That was until the munchies came knocking, and since it was post-dinner evening time, my sweet tooth was chosen. I found it hard to get up, but most stoners know that this can be overcome by a strong determination to get some snacks. I’d personally recommend this strain as a wind-down, post 7pm choice, as you’ll likely find yourself lacking motivation with the desire to get horizontal on a soft surface.

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