Snaxland’s Bubonic Chronic Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
4:34 pm
March 24, 2024
Snaxland Bubonic Chronic Strain Flower Review Image
Bubonic Chronic
Slapz x Grape Cream Pie
Sourced From
A Cut Above
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Excellent relaxation factor
Well cured for smooth smoking
Funky aroma that’ll keep you guessing


Snaxland’s Bubonic Chronic has a lot going on but ultimately delivers a wonderfully calming, body high-forward set of effects. This one is best suited for joints and pipe sessions with friends to take it easy or solo to wrap up a day. It brings some really nice gassy, funky smells to the mix while being mild and super smooth in your mouth. You’ll find your eyes struggling to stay open by the end and unless you want to take an afternoon nap, smoking earlier in the day is not suggested. If strains that help you chill out are your thing, grab some. 

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

We snagged some of Snaxland’s Bubonic Chronic which was served in a humble, basic plastic eighth pop top from A Cut Above. Snaxland, aka Snax, is widely known as a quality cultivator in Colorado and from the first glance the flower itself is gorgeous. The buds are a fusion of dark green hues mixed with eggplant purple calyxes that are just covered in trichomes. While the flowers in our jar weren’t very large, they sure show nicely. They were also adequately hydrated which goes a long way in Colorado since it’s so easy for material, especially smokeable flower, to dry out in the arid climate. So far so good. If you happen to see this one on the shelf it’ll probably catch your eye on looks alone.

Bubonic Chronic Dried Flower Strain Review from Snaxland Jar Shot


If you like gassy, cheesy weed that still also has a hint of skunky fruit to it, you’re going to get stoked when you pop open your jar. There’s a lot going on in the terpene department here. It’s only medium loud on the nose but has some really interesting elements that bring the parent strains together in a way that reminded me of a slightly fermented fruit cheese with some diesel and pine mixed in. I realize that’s a lot of different aromas, but it brings a lot to the table for your nose if you take a second and tease it out. 

There’s precious little information out there about Bubonic Chronic, but some investigation leads us to believe that there are at least two major phenotypes floating around and it seems to be relatively exclusive in Colorado at least to Snaxland. Their cross is Slapz and Grape Cream Pie, but the other version is AK47 x (Northern Lights x Skunk #1). Talk about a major difference in lineage, so depending on when you get a chance to enjoy the strain, be aware there are potentially different types of it under the same name.

Mode of Consumption

I’d been looking forward to this for a couple of days when I finally sat down after a mega sized day of physical activity to review Snaxland’s creation. So, naturally, I decided to torch a small bowl in my trusty spoon. Ole’ reliable. I tend to eventually try each dried flower strain that I get an opportunity to cover in multiple formats (bong, bowl, joint) over time but as you’ll read momentarily I really like the unfiltered flavor you get without passing Bubonic Chronic through water. If you want to go full smooth, bong it up, but pipes and joints are my suggestion for this strain in the version we received it in because it smokes very smoothly to begin with.

Bubonic Chronic Strain Closeup Image from Snaxland Growers

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Flavor-wise Snaxland’s cut of this strain is surprisingly delicate and mild given how it smells, in a cordial, “I’m going to session this” kind of way. It’s not aggressive on the palate but is a tad piney and gassy more than anything; the funky, borderline kush elements are there in your mouth, but just barely. It takes a couple of rips to really get a handle on it and we’re thinking maybe we got some lowers that didn’t bring the full flavor party to town. Even though it doesn’t overwhelm with any particular flavor, it’s still enjoyable. The final ash quality is a proper grayish-white so it's good to see the flush was on point.


There’s a very good chance that unless you smoke this strain after caffeine consumption (not recommended but hey hippie speedballs are usually great) you’re going to dig its relaxing, eye closing effects. It’s not a stupefying heavy indica, which is also a plus in case you want to hang out with friends or do something undemanding. I didn’t have any expectations going in and it turned out to be borderline perfect for what I needed the first time around: a downshift to start heading towards the pillow-shaped stop sign for the day. I tackled a large day hike and a solid session at the gym before dinner, so I really wanted to slow things down. If it had been a strong energy boosting sativa, I might have been kind of screwed to start the week.

Luckily for me, instead it has a rather pleasant body high too that is absent in a lot of the flowers I’ve tried recently, which adds to the chill factor. Even though the flavor was a tad anticlimactic, the effects of this Bubonic Chronic are really nice overall for taking it easy. Indica hybrids and certain hybrids that are marketed as “relaxing” are often kind of bland or just unfocused in my opinion, but the experience of this strain really carries the day. If you’re looking to roast some lovely cannabis that will slacken just about every aspect of your mind, body, and soul, I strongly suggest picking up at least a couple grams if you get a chance.

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