Single Source Slap and Tickle Premium Flower Strain Review

Mallory Tjaden
Mallory Tjaden
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11:38 am
March 25, 2024
An individual Single Source (brand) Slap and Tickle (strain) cannabis nug on a white background
Single Source
Slap and Tickle
GMO X Grape Pie
Sourced From
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Buried in trichomes
Unique fruit-funk essence
Large, pristinely cured buds


If super frosty buds with a deep, earthy funkiness get you hyped, you’ll be elated to get your hands on Single Source’s Slap and Tickle “Premium Flower”. A cross between GMO and Grape Pie, this strain is loud AF and surprisingly potent at 19.5% THC. It’s no wonder it’s a strain loved by solventless hash makers – it has a special profile and high yielding parents which is evident by the sparkling, trichome-covered calyxes.

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

Single Source delivered an edgy and deluxe vibe for their flower jars with matte black glass wrapped in a glossy holographic brand label. The flower inside is a frosted sage green color with subtle hints of purple calyxes, along with contrasting vibrant orange pistils woven within. The buds are covered in a noticeable amount of trichomes, which did make my grinder blades sticky, as it should. These nugs are fairly large and round-bodied. They are dense but fluffy enough to break up with your fingers if you’re willing to get them tacky with resin.

An individual Single Source (brand) Slap and Tickle (strain) cannabis nug placed next to the black glass jar it came in with a white background


Opening the jar unleashes a funky skunky wave immediately after unscrewing the cap, but a deeper smell evaluation reveals a medley of earthy tanginess and a distinct chem-forward note. This makes sense given its lineage, and while the funk does dominate, the Grape Pie makes itself known as a parent with the sour ripeness that’s hard to miss. Like a lot of earthy strains, there was also a subtle hint of black pepper that mingled nicely with the overall essence. 

The jar was labeled with “grape death” and “grandma’s breath” as descriptors, which are random but I can sort of align with. It does have subtle hints of sun dried fruit, maybe prunes or raisins… which would be grape death? There are definitely earthy, coffee-like, possibly spice/baking cabinet notes that could be in a grandma’s breath starter kit.

Mode of Consumption

After partially breaking down and placing one of the larger nugs in my grinder, I ground it up in order to pack up a Vibes brand hemp cone. I really enjoyed not having to roll anything up, even though I could use the practice. I also tried this flower ground up and packed into my glass pipe to get a more clear flavor without paper wrapped around it.

Single Source (brand) Slap and Tickle (strain) cannabis nugs on a black background

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

The smoke from this flower had a clean and somewhat floral taste with a noticeable gassy-funky undertone. Upon exhaling, it left a distinct GMO-esque flavor in my mouth, leaning more towards the Chem side of the spectrum. The smoke was smooth and buttery, making my mouth water with each hit, and imparted a light numbing sensation, which was an interesting and welcomed effect. The ash from burning the flower was light gray, showing a clean burn with little to no impurities. Interestingly I didn’t notice much of a difference in flavor between the glass spoon and the hemp cone. Overall this flower has a very distinct flavor with a highly unique mouthfeel.


After sparking up the Slap and Tickle in a joint for the first go around, it only took about a quarter of the way through before I really started to feel it slap, if you will. Even though I powered through and finished most of the joint solo, this strain definitely smacked me hard. The heavy full-body relaxation sets in rapidly, making my limbs feel heavy and tingly. 

True to GMO genetics, it delivered seriously sedating effects that are best reserved for nighttime use in my experience. I don't typically enjoy GMO or GMO crosses in the daytime since they sap my motivation and energy. Thankfully, I had sampled this one as my evening was winding down, which was the perfect timing. It’s unique in that it had some serious physical effects for me, a numbing mouthfeel followed by tingly limbs. Though I persevered through the whole joint, I was ready to melt straight into my bed afterward. In the future, this is absolutely a strain I'll be going back to when I need deep relaxation and sleep. Finding strains that you know you can count on for certain situations is mind easing for me. If you’re a bud lover and you want a pungent, skunky-sour, deep GMO cross, don’t pass on Single Source’s Slap and Tickle flower.

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