Higher Function Peanut Butter Breath Flower Strain Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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4:34 pm
March 24, 2024
Peanut Butter Breath Cannabis from Higher Function Strain Review
Higher Function
Peanut Butter Breath
DoSiDos x Mendo Breath F2
Sourced From
A Cut Above
Terpenes %
Total Active Cannabinoids%
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Legit peanut butter flavor
Lovely sedation factor
Chill, not overly-potent smoking


If you’re a fan of the universe of nut butter flavors in general, Higher Function’s Peanut Butter Breath flower is definitely worth trying. While we didn’t get an overly aromatic jar this time, the flavor is excellent and it’s an all around great smoke to enjoy. If wonderfully sedative strains that yield distinct body highs are your thing, you’re really going to like how this one feels. Even though the PBB has been out there for a while, it’s one we think needs to stay in the market’s rotation so make sure to grab some if this type of profile fits the bill for you. 

Appearance, Bud Structure, Density, & Hydration

A couple grams of Higher Function’s Peanut Butter Breath flower was procured for this review from A Cut Above and is generally a strain the TerpGuide team is pretty familiar with from the recent past. I was very excited to get my hands on another cut of it since past experiences have been excellent and upon first check, this cut looked up to par. It was very dark in appearance, and the borderline dark blue-green calyxes really have their pistils popping out in contrast. The medium sized buds have a few splotches of light purple mixed in, and the trichome coverage is also terrific. It just looks like some serious dank. While a little on the dry side, it was still easy to break up without being overly crispy. 

Peanut Butter Breath Bud by Higher Function


The strain’s name is actually evocative of how it smells, but not in a gross way like a friend who ate a peanut butter sandwich and forgot to brush their teeth before you got in the car together. It’s a tad peanut buttery in that its aroma is of nuts but is also rather wooden with hints of pepper and herbs too. The nugs I reviewed weren’t super strong smelling but still have enough punch on the nose to make you a little hungry if you aren’t full when you start taking whiffs. If you’re into earthy, rich terpene profiles, you’d love what you picked up, which I tend to since these kinds of chemotypes feel oddly authentic when grown well. 

Mode of Consumption

I decided to take my first tastes of this one with my glass spoon that I’ve had for over 13 years now and which has served faithfully this entire time. It’s always a bummer when a classic piece of glass you have gets broken on accident, so I’m trying not to jinx it these days but whatever happens, happens. I like these sorts of woodsy profiles to be unfiltered as I think that tends to give you the best representation of what it has to offer. I ground up half of one of the buds in my straight no-screen Space Case and enjoyed my choice of device thoroughly for reasons you’ll read next.

Flavors, Mouthfeel, & Ash Color

Peanut Butter Breath has been making the rounds for a few years now and multiple cultivators have won prestigious awards with it in the past. The phenotype I smoked was very tasty and is true to its name by delivering a peanutty-skunky smoke that’s equally creamy and dry mouth inducing. Thankfully it’s not nearly as intense as eating straight peanut butter, but the distinct flavor that comes with the effect there is complete. It’s rather satiating. Sometimes smoking dried cannabis can be a little harsh on the flavor front compared to delicate terpene profiles you get in nice rosin, but this one cuts a beautiful balance and is equally suited for fresh pipe rips or joints. 

The strain itself is originally credited to Thug Pug Genetics and is a cross between DoSiDos with Mendo Breath F2. I’m of the opinion that this cross is one of the better applications of the Mendo Breath lineage even though genetic fidelity gets fuzzy over the years (to put it mildly). It burned down into a nice white ash and was clearly quite well grown because of how smooth it smokes overall.


After having reviewed a handful of very potent flower strains recently, mixing it up with something sitting in the high teens THC percentage-wise was nice. Higher Function’s test results show 18.76%, which feels accurate. It’s not overly strong but sure isn’t weak medicine, either. The version I tried here is definitely on the sedating side both mentally and physically, which I experienced despite being pretty previously caffeinated, so take note. I also found a reliably comfortable body high with this cut and a consistent medium strength hunger factor that put it squarely in the indica-hybrid varietal category. 

It’s a great all around relaxer, pre or post dinner type of product that still left me with enough brain power to get through my end of day tasks while winding down at the same time. It’d also be a great one for taking the edge off of hard workouts or standing on your feet all day. I really like phenotypes that sit largely in the indica venn diagram of feeling but that don’t leave you listless or useless. This happens to be one of them, so if you like the taste of peanut butter and effects that set your mood to recline, Higher Functions’ Peanut Butter Breath is worth buying.

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