Good Tide Pineapple Uplifting Hash Rosin Infused Gummies Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
Last updated at
8:20 pm
April 29, 2024
Good Tide Pineapple Rosin Infused Gummy Packaging
Good Tide
Pineapple Uplifting Cannabis-Infused Gummies
Food Type
Sourced From
KAYA Colfax
Milligrams Per Serving
Product Ingredients List
Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavoring, Pectin (Pectin, Sodium Citrate), Coconut Oil, Cannabis Extract, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Carnauba Wax, Sunflower Lecithin. Contains: Coconut.
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Spiriting yet stoney high
Soft, real pineapple flavor
Made with hash rosin


Good Tide’s Pineapple solventless infused gummies are a great daytime treat if you like fruity flavors and sativa hybrid-leaning effects. The Tangidos (Tangie x Do Si Dos) hash rosin they used delivers a spiriting yet stoney high and the soft, moderately sweet pineapple flavor is quite complementary. They’re also vegan if that’s your thing, and while they aren’t super chewy they’re pretty easy to eat nonetheless. We recommend grabbing some if you prefer snazzy solventless edibles that will get you lit. 

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

We’d had our eyes on the strain-specific Good Tide product line for a while before we got our hands on samples of each one of their three flagship flavors (guava, mango, and pineapple). The entire brand motif is beachy lifestyle vibes and the high quality paper tube carton carries that across nicely. When you open up the inner plastic bag that the gummies come in, the scent of mildly sweet, fruity pineapple wafts out. They smell quite nice and not artificial at all. Color-wise the gummies are a faint crystalline yellow and sanded with sugar but certainly aren’t the most uniform in appearance. Each one is a different slightly oblong, circular thick coin shape. In case you were curious, Good Tide is the solventless gummy sister company to WYLD so perhaps the more “natural” style is intended.

Good Tide pineapple hash rosin infused gummies

Amount Consumed

Good Tide bills the Pineapple SKU as their sativa or uplifting part of the portfolio, so I tried doses of 2.5mg (¼), 5mg (½), and a full 10mg gummy to get to the bottom of it. Edibles get me lit on low amounts so my favorite amount was the half gummy at 5 milligrams during the day is where I found the sweet spot for them. If you’re not sensitive to edibles, dig in, but if you’re like me, start small and perhaps avoid them in the evenings unless you’re looking to stay up for a while.


The flavor here is pretty nice and as a semi frequent pineapple fruit enjoyer, these gummies are close to the real thing. They’re moderately sweet but not overly so which I appreciated, and that does take the sugar coating into account. It’s definitely not artificial pineapple candy, but is instead a softer version of the tropical fruit. They’re also made from pineapple juice concentrate which is a plus and have little to no discernible hash flavor in them whatsoever, which is very difficult to do when you’re working with hash rosin. The taste is one of the better attributes of these edibles as a whole.

Good Tide Pineapple cannabis infused gummies packaging shot

Texture & Mouthfeel

Good Tide’s team went with a vegan pectin-only recipe as opposed to the gelatin-pectin mix that is the hallmark of the WYLD lineup. They’re noticeably less chewy or bouncy than your typical gummy and are instead much easier to sheer with your teeth. If you’re a fan of more modern, vegan-style gummies they’ll be up your alley. The texture here though is a bit of a weak point for them and we’d politely encourage the makers to revisit the composition’s formulation here and perhaps make the mouthfeel more satisfying.


It’s always great when you get an edible with stated effects that match expectations, or are at least within the ballpark of your intended use case. These Good Tide Pineapple edibles consistently provided fairly elevated effects with a nice dose of stoned on the side. They definitely do not have any of that racy sativa anxiety some hardcore sativa strain-made products provide, so you’ll be safe if that’s not your thing. Each batch of Good Tide gummies, while not a collaboration product like Dialed In, does have an identifier you can look up to check out the testing results of the rosin used. For this review we got some of the Pineapple COS0007s, which were made with Tangidos (Tangie x Do Si Dos) and have a couple cannabis-derived terpenes in decent concentrations including beta-caryophyllene (3%), d-limonene (1.3%), humulene (1.2%), beta-myrcene (.9%), as well as alpha-bisabolol (.5%). They’re just about perfect for daytime consumption or creative evenings if you need to stay up working on a project. We wouldn’t suggest them if you’re trying to hit the snooze button but as long as that’s not your goal they’re absolutely worth picking up at any dispensary that regularly carries them. 

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