Dialed In…Gummies’ Tyson Fury Edibles Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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March 24, 2024
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Dialed In...Gummies
Tyson Fury Rosin Gummies
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Corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, natural & artificial flavor, including citric acid, juice from concentrates, pectin, natural & artificial color, coconut oil, canola oil and carnauba wax, cannabis rosin extracted from ice water hash (THC)
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Chill, relaxing effects
True full spectrum solventless inputs
Universally acceptable flavor and texture


Dialed In…Gummies’ Tyson Fury batch 1364 rosin gummies are tasty and relaxing without being heavy on the hashy-ness that some solventless edibles deliver. The mix of London Pound Mints with Brain Crasher in this Bloom County product collaboration offers chill effects that don’t put you completely out, but make for a great treat to loosen your evening or night with. We found them to be pretty consistent from gummy to gummy overall and love the fact that Dialed In goes the extra mile with the test results. If you want gummies that help you rest mentally and physically, try to snag some when you get a chance.

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

Dialed In…Gummies, referred to as Dialed In from here on out for brevity’s sake, has unique, ever changing packaging label color and pattern schemes depending on the collaboration. The Tyson Fury gummies we got our hands on are an alternating deep wine purple and soft, white-ish yellow. They’re served in a clean metal-exterior, plastic non-stick coated inside twist off container. The container fits in most normal size pants pockets comfortably which doesn’t matter much but means if you’re taking them somewhere you don’t need a backpack. 

Even if you’re picky like I am about the aroma of candy products in general, the Tyson Fury flavor combo of “Bottle Rocket Berry” (whatever the hell that means) and papaya is pleasantly sweet, vaguely artificial, and whose specifics are largely indiscernible if you did a blind sniff test. All of that said, unless you’re a purist for pate de fruit-based gummies, you’ll probably be excited to try them. The gummies themselves have some notable imperfections and small exterior cavities, likely from the pour process, but I never found that to be a huge deal personally.

Dialed In Hash Rosin Gummies Tyson Fury

Amount Consumed

To the readers and our audience that can eat milligrams like they’re nothing, I salute you, because I can not and have never been able to go much above 10mg without getting completely zooted. For this review I consumed anywhere from 5 to 7.5mg on multiple occasions because edibles are not always consistent from piece to piece, so it’s the only way to get a good read on the overall precision of the batching. 


Despite the fairly ambiguous fruit aroma of the gummies themselves, both varieties taste quite good. The papaya gummies are in the ballpark of tropical fruit but seemed to taste more of pineapple than papaya to my palette, whereas the bottle rocket berry gummies were noticeably hashier and tasted like a mixture of blueberry and raspberry. In case you were wondering, bottle rocket berry doesn’t appear to be an actual variety of any real, individual fruit sadly. Science, make it happen. Often rosin-based edibles in general can be quite heavy on the cannabis flavor, but this batch of Tyson Fury is admirably soft in that aspect. The packaging denotes they contain 3.61% terpenes which certainly helps, and solventless active ingredients aren’t always easy to formulate around. Dialed In lists caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool as some of the top tested terpenes. I think a full spectrum product is the ticket for edibles wherever they can be found, and the fact that Dialed In does such comprehensive testing for each batch is a huge plus for us.

Tyson Fury Dialed In Gummies Label Example

Texture & Mouthfeel

The average texture of Dialed In’s gummies are always rather chewy and even though the ingredients list has gelatin as well as pectin, they definitely are heavier on the gelatin. These ones are no exception. Your teeth will shear them easily and they don’t stick inside your mouth. They’re pleasant to eat if this type of gummy product is your thing, but if you’re more of a soft, vegan-style formula fan, you might not completely love that aspect. I enjoy both but think where Dialed In tends to shine is in the effects and flavor areas usually, not necessarily in the texture department. 


There is precious little information on the internet about the pedigree of Tyson Fury, which in this case is a blend (not a genetic cross) of Lemon Pound Mints and Brain Crasher that Dialed In wove together in-house, but you’ll also see a Dosilato x Candy Kush variety out there too. The material came from Bloom County who grew both of the original strains and is generally known for its quality cultivation practices. Dialed In lists this batch as possessing “nite” and “mind” qualities. Both are nebulous terms while nonetheless being accurate for the general effects these gummies conferred on me each time I ate them, day or night. As with almost all rosin edibles I’ve tried over the years, Dialed In’s creations set on more swiftly than distillate or CO2-based concoctions. 

In summary, they are quite relaxing so take note that if you’ve got something serious to do, you’d be better off to treat yourself after it’s done like Towlie from South Park would encourage himself to. I found that the Tyson Fury gummy mixture I received was pretty consistent overall (I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10 rating across each one I ate when doses were comparable) which is a keystone factor in me picking up a brand for future consumption. They provide a nice body high too, which is more common in edibles than hash but is more pronounced with solventless ones especially. If you’re a fan of rosin edibles that don’t blast your tastebuds with hash flavor and want to unwind with a treat, Dialed In’s Tyson Fury batch is definitely one to try.

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