Dialed In Gummies THC + CBD 1:1 Dragon Fruit & Guava Review

Eric Vlosky
Eric Vlosky
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March 24, 2024
Dialed In Gummies THC CBD Dragonfruit Guava Gummies Macro
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Dragonfruit Guava THC + CBD 1:1 Rosin Gummies
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Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Pectin from Fruit, Natural Colors From Fruits and Vegetables, Artificial Color, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Rosin Extracted From Ice Water Hash
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Unfocused, relaxing high
Fruity gummy goodness
Solid evening choice


Everyone needs to wind down with a little help sometimes, and these Dialed In Gummies 1:1 THC and CBD dragon fruit and guava rosin edibles do just the trick. While they don’t taste exactly like their namesake tropical fruits, they are delectable and only barely hashy in flavor. They yield a fairly fast acting, clean stony high that is optimal for nights and evenings when it’s time to cruise to bed time. Dialed In does limited release, strain-specific batches so if you get a chance to try this combo or one like it with the King’s Cross Station strain as the THC contributor, you ought to.

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

If you’ve ever had a batch of Dialed In Gummies, then you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t, they come in a convenient circular tin that is often adorned with wild colors and designs. In the case of their new 1:1 THC + CBD line, the packaging’s design has been standardized to the white-rainbow text you see here. When I first opened the jar of these dragon fruit and guava rosin gummies, it smelled very sweet with somewhat indistinct notes of fruit. The flavors chosen for this drop are highly fragrant and unique in actual fresh fruit form, but their aromas, while delectable, are not super tropical as they might suggest. The gummies themselves are well formed, consistent, and brightly colored. Even though the flesh of guava fruit is indeed pinkish red, the exterior is a vibrant green so that took me a second to register. 

Dialed In Gummies 1:1 THC CBD Rosin Edibles Packaging

Amount Consumed

Edibles hit me hard every time, so I tend not to go over 10 milligrams of THC and I tried these just like pretty much all edibles I review in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg (again THC) increments. Since these solventless gummies are 1:1 THC and CBD, they actually contain 20 milligrams of total cannabinoids per, but the CBD is non-psychoactive for me in most cases. For these particular edibles I found 5mg to be the sweet spot personally, but that’s because I’m an edibles lightweight. If you’re used to sending it on 10mg or many times that, you’ll be just fine as the CBD never seemed to diminish the potency of the THC like it sometimes does.


I guess I’m so old that I really used to enjoy Sobe brand dragon fruit drinks from the gas station, which half of the gummies in this tin reminded me of. Both flavors and Dialed In’s candy in general I typically find pretty tasty because they aren’t especially hashy on my tongue like a lot of solventless edibles often are. Admittedly neither of them taste that much like their namesakes, even though they’re both fruity in different ways. I just think it’s very hard to capture the odd strawberry-pear taste ripe guava contains in gummy form. The same goes for dragon fruit, which is even harder to describe and can range between floral, honey, sweet, and sour all at the same time. I applaud the Dialed In team for trying, and these fruits do make for attractive marketing, but as long as you keep your expectations in the land of “yummy artificial fruity candy” and not “exotic tropical fruit” you’ll probably enjoy them. 

Texture & Mouthfeel

Dialed In does a good job with the texture here as they’re a lot closer to your classic Haribo-style chewy, gelatin-forward gummy. They do contain some pectin which reduces the “bounce” you feel in your mouth however and makes them a little easier to shear with your teeth. As I noted with the other 1:1 sour apple and blueberry Dialed In Gummies, if you’re aiming for a vegan product, you’ll have to look elsewhere.  


To put it succinctly, this particular batch (number 30) of 1:1s really made me feel relaxed and just generally pleasant overall. These gummies are squarely in the indica realm but aren’t overly snoozy unless I was in my highest acceptable dose range. The body high is noticeable and these edibles quickly brought on a meandering lack of focus that had me getting lost in menial tasks until I decided it was best to just lounge. They contain 10 milligrams of both THC and CBD, so you get 20mg of cannabinoids per gummy which is nice. Cause… why not add some CBD? Sprinkle it in. The gummies were pretty consistent between flavors and pieces, but at least one piece from this package was notably stronger than the others.

I really couldn’t find much information about the THC parent strain that was used to make the rosin here, which is “King’s Cross Station”. Kings Cross is indeed a seemingly rare, somewhat old school strain from the breeder Reeferman Seeds. The CBD comes from T1, but it’s also perhaps more commonly known as T1 Trump from Fortuna hemp seeds. If you prefer a solventless gummy that’s fruity, sweet, and not too hashy that will get you super chilled out, the dragon fruit guava batch of the new Dialed In Gummies 1:1s is worth grabbing.

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