Dialed In… Gummies x Malek’s Liquid Solventless Cookies n’ Cheese Live Rosin Simple Syrup Review

Mallory Tjaden
Mallory Tjaden
Last updated at
8:36 pm
March 24, 2024
Dialed In... Gummies Cookies n' Cheese Malek's collab live rosin simple syrup packaging shot
Dialed In... Gummies
Liquid Gummies Live Rosin Simple Syrup
Food Type
Simple Syrup
Sourced From
Native Roots
Milligrams Per Serving
Product Ingredients List
Sugar, water, gum acacia, citric acid, cannabis rosin extracted from ice water hash (THC). Made in a facility that uses tree nuts (coconut oil).
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Versatile food or drink sweetener
Easy to blend with any texture
Complementary hashy flavor


Whether you’re just getting into infused edible products or you’re well seasoned, Dialed In’s solventless Liquid Gummies are a fun and unique choice with tons of versatility that most infused food items don’t have. This premium live rosin simple syrup is great for experimentation with DIY food and drink infusions. Dialed In crafted a bendable formula that seamlessly mixes into almost anything. The combination of THC, CBG, and 2.51% caryophyllene present delivered a calm energy that made for a chill Saturday evening at home.

Packaging, Scent, & Appearance

My first impression of the Liquid Gummies packaging is that it’s premium. From the small rectangular soft touch glass bottle that fits satisfyingly in my hand, to the classy faux wood grain plastic cap, you’re in for a deluxe tactile experience. For their regular gummy tins, Dialed In uses different colors, patterns, and themes to communicate the strain and the collab brand who provided the rosin. Their Liquid Gummies are no different and the glass is wrapped in a strain and batch specific sticker. This batch (#286), infused with Cookies n’ Cheese rosin from Malek’s, has a primarily pink and teal color scheme with metallic accented vortex as the main imagery. 

As with all Dialed In products, this one had tons of product info on the label including a QR code which takes you to a detailed page about that specific product. I’ve got to hand it to them, this is an A+ user experience and they seem to really stay on top of it. The back of the bottle has a spot just above the terpene info that denotes nite and mind as possible use associations. The simple syrup inside is a cloudy-clearish color with a hash kissed candy scent. Given that the Liquid Gummies are water based, the consistency flows much looser than something like maple syrup which allows for much easier incorporation into almost anything.

Dialed In… Gummies x Malek’s Liquid Solventless Cookies n’ Cheese Live Rosin Simple Syrup Bottle Shot with Cannabinoid and terpene information

Amount Consumed

In an effort to fully taste the syrup, I first tried it by taking a single capful as a shot. Keep in mind that I have a pretty high tolerance for edibles, plus it was midday on a Saturday with not much to do. A few hours later in the evening I mixed 2 more capfuls into a hot tea as a replacement for honey or sugar cubes. In total I consumed about 30 mg of THC over the course of 4 hours. Just as a disclaimer: unless you have a high tolerance like myself, I’d highly recommend starting with a half or quarter cap-full for a seamless experience.


As I was hoping this simple syrup would be, it was quite sweet, but not at all in a fake candy way. The taste is like a natural cane sugar sweetness, which is pretty mouth watering. There’s also a component that is somewhat hashy, nothing crazy, but it tastes like it was made with ripe cannabis compared to distillate edibles that have little to no cannabis flavor. Let me be clear that the hashy-ness that often accompanies rosin edibles is something I really appreciate in general but especially when complementary to the sweetness of the edible like these Liquid Gummies. This candy-like rosin syrup is a great way to sweeten tea, coffee, mocktails, smoothies, or even foods like parfaits, pancakes, or desserts.

Dialed In… Gummies x Malek’s Liquid Solventless Cookies n’ Cheese Live Rosin Simple Syrup Effects section on bottle

Texture & Mouthfeel

On its own this solventless simple syrup has a light, smooth consistency that effortlessly glides over your taste buds. When mixed with something, in this case hot tea, the subtle syrup texture dissipates entirely. The main texture bonus though, is that no matter how it is consumed, there is no sticky residue or film left to coat your mouth.


As mentioned above, my initial dosage was around 1 pm on a chill winter Saturday spent doing chores and working on small home projects. A quick shot of a capful, which is 10 mg, was my initial ingestion choice. Aside from feeling a little bit lazier physically, I really didn’t notice much from the first capful. Around 5 pm and after a very early dinner, I opted to take two more capfuls in a cup of hot tea. Knowing I didn’t have any pressing commitments that night I was able to fully embrace the possibility of getting absolutely smacked off of less than 30 mg of THC. About thirty minutes into sipping my tea I could feel the tingly, medicated sensation in my stomach, further solidifying my decision to indulge in a cozy night as a couch potato. This rosin infused treat is perfect for those craving a calm, sunken in experience or for those mellow edible consumers looking for an evening unwind go-to. If that sounds like you, be sure to grab this one the next time you see it at your local dispensary.

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