The Top 4 Best Portable Dab Rigs & Accessories

Eric Vlosky
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June 6, 2024

There really is not a better experience with cannabis in our opinion than a perfectly timed, low temperature dab of some premium solventless live rosin or full melt heads. If you think that’s a controversial statement, bear with us, because having the right tools makes all the difference whether you’re blazing through a session with quartz at home or on the go using a modern e-rig. Having the right accessories for each use case will make your life that much easier and your dabs that much more terpy. We’ve tested just about everything so that you don’t have to. In this article we’ll take you through what our favorites are so you can get the most out of every gram.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to fire up a torch for your glass rig and quartz banger or you’ve got somewhere to be, but that jar of gas you just got is still calling your name. This all too common scenario used to be a serious trade off between quality and portability, but with today’s technology, the line between the best electronic dab rigs and glass is getting smaller every day. You can’t replace the carefully practiced ritual of the torch and rig with our favorite mobile alternatives, but you can get a great vaporizing experience out of them with a little practice. 

The Four Best Portable E-Rigs for Dabbing

Dabbing on the go can be done in a few ways, but to get the very best experience, you need to pony up some cash and use an actual electronic rig. While you can get a pen-style vaporizer that’s smaller and more discrete, we have struggled to find ones that actually work consistently so if an undercover form factor is critical, we suggest just picking up a solventless vape. If you want an uncompromising experience and are willing to pay for a premium experience, our three favorite e-rigs by far are the Puffco New Peak Pro, the Focus V Carta 2, and the Puffco Proxy.

The Puffco New Peak Pro Close Up Shot
The Puffco New Peak Pro in all of its curved, aesthetic glory

The Puffco New Peak Pro

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or deep in the jungle somewhere, Puffco has been on your radar with their innovative smoking products and hilarious, Hollywood-grade social content. They just dropped their latest Puffco New Peak Pro, which is similar but notably improved over the previous version. It comes standard with the 3D Chamber atomizer, which is a legitimate game changer for e-rig technology and a longer lasting battery. Puffco also has them available in tons of colors and styles, but all kinds of glass artists make custom recycler attachments for them too. It runs $420 on the dot which is a real investment, but we can say with certainty if you want to dab easily anywhere like a pro, it’s worth every penny.

What we love about the Puffco New Peak Pro

  • Completely customizable temperature settings in the Puffco Connect app
  • Super high build quality, look, and feel
  • Excellent battery life for real session potential on the move
  • 3D Chamber = fat clouds (or snag the 3DXL if you want to go bananas)

Who the Puffco New Peak Pro is perfect for: the connoisseur who doesn’t want to compromise on flavor, vapor production, or user experience and wants the ultimate e-rig.

Focus V Carta 2 Mobile Dab Rig Rainbow Picture
Focus V's Carta 2 is ready for the show, party, or wherever your travels take you

Focus V Carta 2

Focus V is a vaporizer brand that has emerged in the last few years as a challenger to Puffco, Dr. Dabber, and some of the other legacy electronic vape brands by quickly making a name for itself through the Carta series of e-rigs. Their latest one, the Focus V Carta 2, is something to behold as it has a full color OLED display right on the side and an even bigger battery than the Puffco New Peak Pro. It’s perhaps the more technologically advanced of the two if that’s your thing and a little less expensive but still a healthy $375 out the door. There is a whole other atomizer available too which is designed for flower, so you can use it both as a bong vaporizer or for dabs.

What we love about the Focus V Carta 2

  • Solid vapor production and swappable atomizers for dry flower
  • Super high tech look and feel
  • Among the best battery life in its class
  • High quality app that offers control of temperature and other settings

Who the Focus V Carta 2 is perfect for: connoisseurs and avid smokers who want a high tech e-rig that has extended battery life and flexibility to vape flower as well. 

Focus V AERIS e-rig and swappable batteries
The Focus V AERIS with its extremely handy swappable batteries


Another slam dunk from Focus V, their new AERIS (yes, in all caps) mini portable vaporizer has rapidly become a team favorite for multiple reasons. Chief among them is the incredible vapor production for a just over pocket-sized vape and its swappable battery technology, so you can keep the party going wherever you are. It's designed to rip smoothly without water which is another big plus. It's a little chunky for discrete stashing in ones pocket but does come with a matching soft zippered carrier that completes the kit quite nicely. It's also pretty affordable compared to its main rivals that vie for top honors in the category and is only $229 with a full range of granular temperature controlling features you'd expect, which is still an investment but definitely one that's worth while if you want to take great dabs away from your rig's mini shrine.

What we love about the Focus V AERIS

  • Our favorite non e-rig style portable vape
  • Swappable batteries that kick ass
  • Vapor production is on point
  • Surprisingly solid vapor production
  • Affordably priced all things considered

Who the Focus V AERIS is perfect for: connoisseurs and more casual consumers alike that want the best overall portable vaporizer under $300.

Puffco Proxy mobile dab rig kit
The simple yet elegant Puffco Proxy kit

Puffco Proxy

Last but certainly not least in the e-rig category is the Puffco Proxy, which is a surprisingly easy to use sherlock-style pipe plus battery powered atomizer vaporizer. It’s slick and the perfect dab rig to break out at parties or to keep on your desk for quick rips (it can deliver big ones too, don’t be fooled). It utilizes Puffco’s 3D Chamber technology that heats the side walls and not just the bottom of the atomizer, which makes melting rosin, heads, or live resin super duper easy. It clocks in at a more affordable $299 and is also available in a variety of slick colors depending on how you want to show off. If you want something a little more simple and stylish than the previous options, the Puffco Proxy is a great buy.

What we love about the Puffco Proxy

  • Great style and the sherlock motif is the bees knees
  • Super easy to use, no frills
  • Surprisingly solid vapor production
  • Top quality 3D atomizer chamber

Who the Puffco Proxy is perfect for: dabbers that want a sleek, portable alternative to their top notch e-rig or quartz and want to take rips in style.

Our Other Two Favorite Portable Dabbing Accessories

Having a great portable dab rig that matches your preferences is a little more than half of the battle, but there are still a handful of other things we have found to be eminently useful. Namely, keeping your terps preserved from point A to point B is also critical, as is keeping your rig clean so you don’t have to worry about a deep cleaning of your atomizer when you get back from your adventure.

HYUNLAI Cooled Portable Concentrates Refrigerator

We’ve seen these rebranded and marked up, but even if you’re just going to and from the dispensary, having one of these portable refrigerators (that are actually made for insulin but are perfect for top quality extracts) is a game changer. Especially if you’re going far or live in a hot climate. This HYUNLAI branded portable cooler is made in China as you would have quickly guessed, but after trying a handful of these, it hits the bullseye in terms of reliability and price point at only $99. It has a rock solid battery life of around 6 hours on a full charge and keeps the compartment at a chilly 35°F so your rosin or full melt will stay perfectly preserved. Its form factor is also pretty agreeable and is the size of a small lunchbox. The HYUNLAI charges via USB, so you can plug it into a 12v in your car for longer road trips. This portable cooler fits a LOT of grams (15+) so you can bring all of the flavors to your next sesh.

Glob Mops Slurper Mops

Let’s face it: if you get lazy and don’t use a good cotton cleaner after every dab, you’re going to have to work a lot harder to clean your rig after the fact. You can just use a cheap Q-tip, but we think that the appropriately named Glob Mops Slurper Mops are a must-have and are also a huge upgrade over the other resin clean up options on the market. They’re called Slurper Mops because they are meant to clean actual quartz slurpers, but are also ideal for a full one and done clean up after vaping even huge dabs in the deep chambered atomizers of the Puffco New Peak Pro, Focus V Carta 2, and the Puffco Proxy. They come with a giant cotton mop end and a much smaller swab on the other side for nooks, crannies, and harder to reach areas like the air slits in most e-rig chambers. For only $11.95 with free shipping you get 200 of them, which breaks down to 6 cents a swab. They work a LOT better than the standard Glob Mop XLs, and are incomparable to a Q-tip. Just get some.

Do you have an accessory that you love for taking dabs when you’re mobile? Drop us a line and let us know so we can feature it in a future article! ✌️

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